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The Japanese Garden: A Beautiful Yet Inexpensive Wedding Ceremony Venue July 26, 2008

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view of the lake and the teahouse

view of the lake and the teahouse

Imagine saying your vows in a place like this!

Imagine saying your vows in a place like this!

We know our $5,000 wedding budget is absurdly low, considering that the average wedding in Los Angeles is $30,000, but we’re unwilling to go the let’s-just-go-to-the-courthouse or let’s-get-hitched-in-Vegas route either.

Fortunately, after months of research, we found the perfect ceremony venue that that tied in to our love of Asian design and sustainability at The Japanese Garden in Van Nuys.

What’s unique about The Japanese Garden is that not only does it offer absolute tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, it is an example of how beauty can about through recycling and sustainability. It is the water from the recycling plant next door that nurtures a Japanese garden of exquisite beauty.

We recommend snagging a Saturday, because on other days, it’s open to the public. After all, you don’t want some stranger in flip-flops and shorts or a bunch of rowdy kids spoiling the solemnity of your ceremony, or worse, walking in the background while you’re having your pictures or video taken.
Just because it’s such a beautiful setting, even though our ceremony starts at 4:30 in the afternoon, we’re encouraging guests to come earlier so they can meander through the gardens while a violinist plays beneath the willow tree.
In case you’re interested in having your ceremony at The Japanese Garden, here’s what you need to know:
  • wedding ceremonies only (no food or drinks allowed)
  • 84-guest maximum
  • 3 hours maximum
  • $750 for 3 hours ($150 for each additional hour)

Visit us at The Cheap Chic Couple for more info on how we live well on a budget.


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