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How To Make A Kimono Binder July 23, 2008

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I love wearing kimonos when I’m at home. They’re as comfy as they are pretty, and I don’t feel like a bum wearing a kimono at 3pm the way that I would if I were in a raggedy bathrobe or worn-out pj’s or sweats.

I bought my favorite kimono about five years ago in Little Tokyo for $55 and I wore it until it was so torn and hole-y that I looked like I’d narrowly escaped a bear mauling.

I didn’t have the heart to throw it away because it was still very pretty, so I figured I could turn into something else that I could still use. The result? A kimono binder to keep me organized while planning my Japanese themed wedding.

Here’s how I did it:

1) I sprayed starch on the kimono, and ironed out all the creases.
2) I cut just enough kimono fabric to cover a regular 3-ring binder, making sure to leave an extra two inches on the edge so I could fold the fabric into the inside of the binder. I also cut out the excess fabric where the spine of the binder would be.
3) I spray-glue’d the fabric, waited a few minutes and then laid the binder on it, making sure that there were no creases.
4) After a few hours, I used a paintbrush to put varnish on the binder cover.
5) Over the next few days, I layered more acrylic in order to protect the kimono from dirt, smudges and protect it from moisture.

Voila! A kimono wedding binder that I can keep and pass on to one of my kids long after I’ve stopped wearing the actual kimono!